Getting what you need from ceramic & porcelain

Ceramic& porcelain flooring could be the answer to all your checklist items for what you’re looking for in a new floor covering. Whether it speaks to your needs for durability, stability, water resistance, or life span, you’ll find all that here. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that adds a stark elegance and discerning character to your decor and environment, you’ll find that as well. As well-rounded in performance and benefits as these materials are, it’s no wonder why homeowners become loyal. Just Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet offers more than 30 of years of flooring experience and outstanding customer service to everyone who walks through our Howell, NJ showroom doors. Serving the areas of Howell, Freehold, Jackson, Manalapan, and Brick, we are solely dedicated to making sure our customers can trust the service they’ll receive from us. Whether it’s the quality of the flooring, or the outstanding service and advice, we aim to make sure our customers are completely satisfied before they leave our showroom. We’d love to offer you the same services and look forward to your visit, at your convenience.

Benefits and performance in ceramic & porcelain tile

Ceramic & porcelain aren’t just floor coverings; they are an extension of your style and decor as well. Of course, you won’t be disappointed in the features they bring. Durability is standard, as they stand up well under some of the heaviest traffic, resist moisture, humidity, and spills, and have an outstanding life span in the face of all of those things. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can look forward to at least four or five decades of outstanding performance.

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Water resistance offers peace of mind that is well worth having in all areas of your space

Both ceramic & porcelain are made with high-quality clay and other natural materials, with porcelain being a bit higher quality than ceramic. Both are natural floor coverings you can be proud of, and they open up a whole world of decorating opportunities. From all-natural neutral appearances to wildly exotic and colorful patterns and mosaics, you’ll be able to create a truly unique floorscape in your home with ease. Having these tiles installed in your bathroom or laundry room is almost expected, but don’t forget that they are just as feasible an option for bedrooms, studies, and living rooms. No room is off-limits, as they offer the same great benefits throughout your home. Furthermore, water-resistance offers peace of mind that is well worth having in all areas of your space.