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Hardwood Refinishing


Hardwood refinishing & repairs in Howell, Freehold, Jackson, Manalapan, Brick and surrounding areas


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Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet refinishing & repairs will affordably restore hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors to like-new condition

Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet offers refinishing & repair services for hardwood, laminate and vinyl floors at far less cost than replacing an entire floor. We serve valued customers in the communities of Howell, Jackson, Brick, Manalapan and Freehold, New Jersey.

There are different techniques required to correctly refinish different flooring products.However, while these processes may differ, they all require a thorough understanding of the processes recommended by the manufacturers. While Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet can refinish or repair virtually any flooring product, we are called upon most often to restore hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring.
Hardwood refinishing in Howell NJ

Here are common problems where flooring refinishing & repairs is a good choice:

Hardwood floor refinishing
Hardwood refinishing requires sanding, staining and finishing. Sanding takes off the top layers of the hardwood that have been scratched or damaged. Staining hardwood next can give you color choices to switch up the look or match it with the same stain.The final step is the finish which restores to its original beauty. Refinishing your hardwood floors will considerably extend their useable life as well.

Laminate flooring repair
Laminate flooring is the usual choice for homeowners that want the combination of good looks along with a lower price. Nevertheless, even this durable flooring product will need occasional repairs.
The initial step in the laminate repair process is to identify the problems that your laminate has, as there are different kinds of damage and each has a different cause and solution. The typical damage to a laminate floor could be scratches, holes or splinters. Our flooring repair specialists know how the repair any and all of these.

Vinyl Repair Service
Vinyl flooring can get cuts or cracks due to normal wear and tear on your flooring.The adhesive can also dry out, making the edges and corners of the vinyl stick up.Water damage can happen due to spills and leaks and cause the vinyl to ‘bubble'.

We determine the area needed to be replaced and take the corrective steps to repair the vinyl timely, efficiently and economically.

Visit our showroom in Howell, NJ to talk to one of our representatives. At Just Carpets &Flooring Outlet our flooring professionals are expert at assessing flooring refinishing and repairs and recommending what exactly needs to be done to any type of flooring.

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