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Why you should get a design consultation

Homeowners who are remodeling their homes for the first time probably have a lot of questions, which is the perfect opportunity to get advice from a design consultant. "Where should I start? How will I know this is the right design? Will it be expensive?" Professional design consultants can help put you at ease while you plan your interior design. Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet connects you with professional design consultants in Howell to help you find the right solutions for your home.

You can get design advice on flooring, furniture, color schemes, and more! Making an appointment for a design consultation is faster and easier than ever. We have dozens of consultants for you to choose from. All are trained in color theory and have a wide knowledge of flooring. You can also get advice on using existing parts of your home to create a new design or how to budget while designing a totally new home.

Design consultants can help you:

Organize your ideas
Turn that stack of magazine clippings and Internet print-outs into a design that you love. Our consultants can use even the most basic idea, like a color or texture, as a starting point. Together, you can work to find a solution that matches your aesthetic at home.

Work out your wants and needs
Many homeowners can find themselves mixing up what they want and what they need. A need is something that is essential to living comfortably. This could mean flooring that is easy to clean because of children and pets, or lighting that makes working at home easier. A want is something that isn't essential, like decorative accents on flooring or furniture. Both are important, but you should always dedicate more time to your needs. Allow our consultants to help you sort things out.



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Other ways design consultants can help you:

Use your space wisely
It can be too easy to end up crowding your room with things that you don't really need. The way that you place flooring, furniture, and fixtures can also affect how comfortable your home is. Our design consultants understand how to work with any size space to get the most out of the room you want to remodel.

Get a second opinion
Some people have trouble choosing between carpet and tile, or between bright colors and neutrals. Asking a professional who can reason why one choice might be better for your home can help you make this decision. Narrow down your options and get suggestions on how to improve the design you want.

Budget better
A design consultation can help you find more affordable solutions when you need them. For example, if you like the look of hardwood but cannot afford hardwood in the whole house, a design consultant might suggest changing a few rooms to carpet or tile. They can also show you similar designs for fixtures and floors that look similar but cost less. Feel free to ask your design consultant for suggestions on where it is appropriate to cut corners and where you truly need to spend extra for the best results.

Request a design consultation today and get the best interior design for your home. Call the experts at Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet to set up an appointment with us today.