Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet will give you professional installation with every popular flooring product that makes your floors look great and last longer

Our company knows that using experienced professionals for your new residential or commercial flooring installation can be nearly as important as selecting the right flooring products. Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet has a highly-experienced professional installation team committed to making your new floors look beautiful and last for a long time. We also deliver the most affordable rates in the Howell, New Jersey area. We offer top quality service to all local homeowners and businesses in the Tri-state area including Howell, Freehold, Marlboro, Old Bridge, Jackson, Lakewood, Manchester, Lakewood, Brick, NJ, Manalapan, and Jackson areas, along with great customer service.

All the members of the Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet installation team are licensed and insured and have years of on-site experience in the flooring business. You can request installation for any type of flooring including hardwood, carpet, laminate or vinyl.

Choosing an installation professional makes good sense

Just Carpets & Flooring Outlet understands that a do-it-yourself project might appear to more affordable approach. However, our long experience has proven that this is frequently not the case. Naturally, saving money is important, but installing your own floors might be more costly in the end. In addition, some flooring products such as hardwood have special timelines and specific conditions that need to be met in order to install them properly. For example, if you skip important steps such as preparing the sub-floor, or selecting a good underlayment, it can cost you more in repairs and replacement materials.



We're here to help

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Here are some other benefits of choosing professional installation:

  • Preserving your warranty - Some flooring product manufacturers will only uphold their warranty agreement if you utilize a professional installer. If there should be a product defect or your floors become damaged after the installation, you want to be able to get the manufacturer's assistance from your warranty.
  • Your new flooring will look better - The difference between amateur work and professional installation work is almost always apparent. You need to be sure that your flooring is properly installed so that there won't be any lifting, warping, or cracking.

It makes good sense to have expert help - Having experts who have long, hard-earned knowledge about flooring product installation in residential and commercial applications can be an important resource. You can get the answers you need when you need them and avoid unnecessary stress. Call or drop by our showroom to discuss your residential or commercial installation needs at your convenience.